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Email Accounts

We are offering email accounts on the domain. This domain -- formerly owned by Canadian Airlines International and recently acquired by NinerNet Communications -- is now available for public use for a nominal annual fee. Please contact us for details.

NinerNet Communications has been in the web and email hosting business since 1996. We know what we're doing. Check our website for information about us. Our acceptable use policy and other hosting policies apply.

How to order

This ain't Gmail. Until we get some sort of indication of the potential popularity of this service, orders will be processed manually on a first-come-first-served basis. Send us your requested user name (the part to the left of the @ sign) and the type of account you'd like. If it's available, we'll set it up and (unless you take advantage of the free account offer below) we'll send you an invoice via email that you can pay online. Payment is due on receipt; accounts not paid for within 48 hours will be deleted and made available again.


We are offering free email accounts to the first one hundred former CP employees who can send us a scan of their old CP business card. (You won't be obligated to use your old email address.) These free accounts will incur no charges for the first two years. After that they will be subject to our published rates at that time. If you don't have a business card, a scan or photograph of something connecting you as an employee to Canadian Airlines or one of its predecessors (CP Air, PWA, Wardair, etc.) will suffice. These submissions will remain private.

Annual pricing

We offer two types of email accounts:

  • Forwarding account (C$9 per year): A forwarding-only account will simply forward incoming email to your address onto an existing email account.
  • Storage account (C$18 per year): A full email account accessible using your email program (e.g., Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.) or webmail.


If you have a forwarding account, there is nothing you need to do to receive your email. If you want to send from your email address, you'll need to follow the instructions provided by the company that hosts the email account at which you receive your email, but substitute your email address for your primary email address in the configuration instructions. We will try to assist, but we can only provide limited support for forwarding accounts.

If you have a proper storage account, we will send you the configuration information you need to set up your account. You will use this information in conjunction with our illustrated instructions to set up your new email account on your computer. It's very easy, and we provide full support for storage accounts.


Excellent detailed question, and it can be interpreted two ways.

  • Why should you get an email address?: Any one or more of a bunch of reasons. Nostalgia is the one that most readily comes to mind. To show your connection to a piece of Canadian aviation history, is another. Did you know that Canadian Airlines was the first airline in the world to have a website? I didn't until recently. Why do you want one?
  • Why are we offering this service?: Besides the usual reason any business offers a service, I (Craig Hartnett, the owner of NinerNet Communications) used to be involved in the aviation industry, and loosely connected (personally, not professionally) to CP. I was surprised to see AC let expire, and annoyed at myself for not managing to pick it up the first time it expired. I have it now. I acquired it for you.

Spam (aka "unsolicited commercial email")

We hate spam just as much as you do. Our service includes the ability to block spam from known sources. If, however, you receive spam that appears to come from someone, please contact us with the entire message, including the full headers, and we will investigate. Thanks very much.

Some fine print

We are not in any way associated with the former Canadian Airlines. Nor are we in any way associated with its successor airline. Trademarks are owned by their respective companies.